Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some Things I Knnow About France

First of all,....I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's been a month since I last wrote, I know.

Here are some things I know about France:

Pain au chocolat is cheap and delicious.
Ordering coffee at a cafe will get you a tiny and very concentrated cup.
The French love their dogs.
And most let their dogs shit all over the sidewalk.
Aside from cafes and some grocery stores, most places are not open before 10.
Aside from restaurants and some grocery stores, most places are not open past 7pm.
France closes down on Sundays. Stock up on groceries etc the day before.
If you didn't stock up, try to find the 1/4 of the cafes that might still be open.
If Sunday off wasn't enough, many stores/cafes also take Monday off as well.
People smoke, a lot.
Bars close at 1am.
Discotheques/after hours bars/boites are your only option after bar close and they are guaranteed to be a. skeazy and b. overpriced.
Tip is included in tab at eating places.
Schools are closed Wednesday afternoons, but open Saturday mornings.
French women are skinny.
I love cheese. therefore, I am not.