Saturday, August 21, 2010

This Has Nothing to Do With France.

I decided to surprise my parents this weekend by coming home unexpectedly. Only my little sister knew my plans. So, I packed up my car with stuff to take home (moving next week) and headed out onto the freeway. I was cruising like the lead foot I am and making good time. I was giggling like a demon when my dad called to say I had some mail, and he had no idea that I was on my way up. I stopped at a gas station about 45 minutes south of Duluth and had the unpleasant surprise of seeing my keys sitting on the passenger seat....while all the doors were locked. Damn and blast. I ended up having to call my parents anyway, surprising them with the request to drive down with a spare key to unlock me. So my dad told me he was on his way and I settled down at a table inside the Little Store gas station with a Glamour magazine and a book of crossword puzzles. I also did an neat bit of people watching, and seeing as how I was at a small town gas station just off the freeway, it was rather entertaining. My favorite characters were these two scruffy guys, probably in their early sixties, looking a bit greasy and ratty. The two of them each had two frozen pizzas under one arm and their favorite nudie mag under the other. Well, boys, looks like you're going to have one hell of a crazy friday night. Enjoy that Penthouse.

Don't worry, my dad arrived in record time and unlocked the car for me. The rest of the drive home was rather uneventful, tho, my mp3 player died on me and I was forced to listen to 'Delilah' on the radio for about 30 minutes. This guy's new wife took a knife for him,...wielded by his mental unstable ex-wife....and Delilah paid tribute to her with the song 'Bleeding Love' ... wow.