Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Main Concern

Housing. Housing. Housing.

Everyone has been asking me where I'll be living once I get to France. A few weeks ago, I'd answer I don't know yet and not feel stressed about that status...but now. I want to know that I'll have a place when I arrive! It's not really a big deal. Plenty of people have said that they didn't find housing until after they arrived. But, well. I don't want that to be me. It would be easy to live alone, but would probably be more expensive and lonely. Plus, I'd like the chance to work on my French speaking! I cannot live with my host family in Montpellier, but I wasn't counting on that, and I'm still welcome to visit them. A couple of gals in the program have mentioned something about living together. So we'll see what happens. I'm going to send a message to a gal from Roseville who will also be in Beziers. I'll get it figured out! But for now, I have to get a ticket on the mega bus for Chicago!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mid-Summer Butterflies

I fly out of Minneapolis/St. Paul, and the U.S.A. entirely on September 17th. I'll land in Paris, and head straight down south. At this point, I have over two months to prepare, but there's so much to do already! I have my official acceptance letter; I'll be teaching English twelve hours a week in a city near Montpellier (where I studied abroad). It's called Beziers - look it up! it's gorgeous. Now I have to book visa appointments and travel down to Chicago twice before I leave. I have to contact the school and get some more information, open a French bank account, and find housing! EEEk! No wonder I've got a few little butterflies flopping around my stomach these days.

I just emailed my host mom from my study abroad days, and hopefully she'll be able to help me a bit with any questions I might have. For now, I'm enjoying the hot, humid weather of Minnesota in July.

Je suis ravie (I'm estatic).