Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mid-Summer Butterflies

I fly out of Minneapolis/St. Paul, and the U.S.A. entirely on September 17th. I'll land in Paris, and head straight down south. At this point, I have over two months to prepare, but there's so much to do already! I have my official acceptance letter; I'll be teaching English twelve hours a week in a city near Montpellier (where I studied abroad). It's called Beziers - look it up! it's gorgeous. Now I have to book visa appointments and travel down to Chicago twice before I leave. I have to contact the school and get some more information, open a French bank account, and find housing! EEEk! No wonder I've got a few little butterflies flopping around my stomach these days.

I just emailed my host mom from my study abroad days, and hopefully she'll be able to help me a bit with any questions I might have. For now, I'm enjoying the hot, humid weather of Minnesota in July.

Je suis ravie (I'm estatic).


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