Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It Was Still Christmas Eve....

Sorry about the Delay!

After Sam and I landed in ye ole England, we hit the icy roads along the coast. Everything was going smoothly (sorta), albeit slowly until we got up to Chichester. Then, apparently (because I was being a piss poor excuse for a passenger and was sleeping) we broke down. Luckily, Sam had his pillow and duvet on hand, so the wait was definitely worse for him than for me. Though the tow truck man had wasted close to an hour trying to find us - thanks to some mix up with the directions, he was still kind enough to give us a lift all the way back to Sam's parents' home. By that time, it was 3am. Fun times!

I can't really complain too much, since what would a road trip be without something going awry?...and I did get a full English breakfast in the morning thanks to Sam's parents. Eggs on toast, Bacon, Sausage, Baked Beans, Fried Tomatoes and Mushrooms, and good strong Tea. Yummmm.

We drove the short distance down to the coast after that and checked out the Isle of Wight (from a distance obviously) and then had some extravagant looking hot chocolates at the Keyhaven yacht club. - sounds a bit fancier than it is.

The next day, my train to Bath was cancelled, but the nice man manning the booth at the gate wrote his initials on my ticket and let me go through an hour earlier, as opposed to an hour later. In Bath, I was picked up by my friend Sean's mom. Sean is an old friend from my study abroad days - who I hadn't seen for two years! I spent three lovely days with him and his family, checking out the sights, relaxing, and always eating and drinking well.

I continued my cross country (sorta) adventure and hopped on the train back over to London (specifically, Chessington) to spend the next five days, including Christmas, with my cousin Rachelle, her husband Matthew, and their five yr old son, William. They had gotten a Wii, so I spent many an hour improving my lackluster video game skills. William and I played with legos on the night I babysat, and in general I lazed about, drank more tea, took a couple walks, but mostly just relaxed. It wasn't so much different than Christmas vacation back home, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a little bit melancholy about being away.

However, I'm back in B├ęziers now, back at work, and getting back into my old routine.

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