Friday, April 8, 2011

A Sudden Pang of Melancholy

It was the warmest day of 2011 so far - in the 80s in the sun! Of course I took advantage - or as the French say "profiter". I went down to my favorite place, the dock by the river at the Jardin de la Plantade, laid out my towel and sunned myself for a little while. I watched some ducks mating; it looked really unpleasant for the female, being jumped on and held under water while thrashing about. At least the mating begets some adorable babies. I saw thirteen little duckling fluff balls the other day on my walk.

I also finished up my third to last week teaching, a fact that hadn't/still hasn't fully set in. Just two more weeks and I'll never see these kids/teachers again. It's such a weird feeling and not very pleasant. I've become attached to the two schools I work at, and just when I finally start to feel like I'm fitting in with the staff and building a rapport with the students I have to go. I'll be especially sad to leave the 6ieme classes I have - the equivalent 6th grade. They are always so sweet and enthusiastic and two days ago, on my birthday, a small of group of them made me happy birthday cards. awwwww.

Then, tonight while sitting by the window sipping on a glass of wine, I decided to pop up on the window ledge and lean out over the railing a bit. The air was so warm and mild and the tree near my window was in full bloom. When I craned my head to the right a bit, I could even see out over the city a bit. I realized then that despite its faults, I will miss this place.

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