Monday, September 27, 2010

I have a phone, a bank account, an apt, and some friends...

Life is a bit better these days.

I have a phone and a bank account, my studio is growing on me a bit, tho I am still a bit peeved about not having internet in the apartment. It's ok though; I guess I needed to wean myself off of constant wi-fi access anyway. I've done a fair bit of exploring and as soon as I figure out, I'll post some photos. I promise.

The apartment building has been just that, an apartment building...not a ton of people milling about meeting each other. I've met two other people who live there and they seem nice, if a bit reserved. Oh! and I just had my first nun sighting! Score.

I'll be heading back to my apt soon, where a really good book is waiting for me, I just hope that the girl in the building who is ummm...very very loud with her boyfriend won't be there. I can hear her from inside my apartment, and I don't think she's next door to me. oh dear.

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