Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Clothes Shopping in France...not fun here either.

I had several hours between classes today so I decided to go on an adventure to the outskirts of town. I'd been told that's where one goes to find the best deals on just about everything. So I set off on bus number 5 and braced myself against the gusty wind to find some bargains.

I've been in need for a new pair of skinny jeans, and am not sure what my pant size is here in France. In the U.S., I'm about an 6/8/10 short and that's always different in every store. I wandered into a Euro trash boutique outlet thingy where most of the items were mutilated with rips, bedazzled, or uglified with fake fur. I did find some jeans that looked alright and the price was definitely right (10-20 euros) so I snagged a 38, 40, and 42 and stepped into the cramped dressing room.

I couldn't get the 38 over my thighs. I couldn't button the 40. I couldn't get over how much my stomach bulged over the top of the 42. Maybe it was just that one style?
Nope. I tried on four more different styles and the only change I saw was that the 42s were about a foot too long. Apparently the pants in this store were made for tall skinny girls. and all the pants in the next store, and the next. I was starting to feel like I was shopping in abercrombie and fitch everywhere I went...where else am I the largest size in the store? I'm not a waif, and heck I'm not even skinny, but sheeesh, I'm average sized. When I tried on a dress labeled large and could barely fit it over my chest, I knew I was done for the day.

Better luck next time....after I lose about twenty pounds. yeah right.

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  1. i had heard rumour that jeans shopping was impossible in france - now it is confirmed!
    i will definitely wait til i get back home to buy anything to fit my butt!