Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend In Bezi - the re-cap

Wasn't the greatest weekend ever....but there are plenty more weekends ahead of me.

I also learned a little bit more about the city from several of its citizens. Apparently a few years ago the middle class fled the city and lots of the money for the area was invested in Montpellier, leaving some of the other cities in the area with less. With increased immigration and racial tensions, and the economy,...a lot of people left the city for the outskirts/other cities. Now, Bezi is smaller, dirtier, and poorer than its larger sister Montpellier.'s also much if living here means more money for travels, then it's a fair-ish trade.

On thursday I went to a classicaal music concert in the centuries old Cathedrale in Bezi! It was a really cool setting, but I was the youngest person there by oh...30 years.

On friday night, we went to a german film hosted by Bezi's cinema was, well, a spirit crusher. After we went out and discovered Bezi's non existent night life.

Sat. we went out to our favorite watering hole, only to discover that the bars in the city are taken over by 17-18 yr old high schoolers on saturday nights. ....

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